Cricket Bat Warranty

Cricstudioinc Cricket Bat Warranty

At Cricstudioinc, we’re committed to standing by our products. We gladly honor valid warranty claims within 6 months of purchase. Simply submit your claim and pre-pay the return shipping. Once we receive your bat, we’ll process your claim within 7 days. If your claim is approved, we’ll send you a replacement, provided we have it in stock.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Normal Wear and Tear: Your cricket bat won't look new forever. Cracks and wear are normal signs of use.
  • Nature of Bats: Cricket bats are made of natural timber and endure the tough job of repeatedly hitting a solid cricket ball.
  • Knocking-In: Cracks can appear during the knocking-in process. This doesn't always mean there’s a fault or defect.
  • Causes of Cracks: Cracking can indicate insufficient knocking-in, improper preparation or use, soft willow, or even a low-quality cricket ball.
  • Crack Tolerance: Minor cracking is common and doesn't affect the bat's performance.
  • Bat Lifespan: How long your bat lasts depends on how often you use it and how well you care for it.
  • Added Protection: We recommend additional protection like Extratec and Toe Protection for better longevity.*
  • Preparation Variances: Bats might need more or less preparation than initially advised. Even after extensive knocking-in, your bat might not be fully ready if not done correctly.
  • Price and Durability: The cost of a bat doesn’t guarantee its lifespan. Higher-priced bats are often made of softer willow, which might perform better but could wear out faster.

*Note: Cricstudioinc offers these services for added protection.

Cricstudioinc Product Return Policy

Warranty Returns

Cricstudioinc aims to handle warranty returns promptly. You’re entitled to a refund or exchange for a major fault—when the item is significantly different from what was described, has a serious problem that would have prevented a purchase, or doesn’t do what was promised. For minor faults, we'll repair the item within a reasonable time.

Bat Warranty Process

To determine the best course of action for your warranty claim, we need to inspect your bat. Each claim is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may result in a repair, replacement, refund, or repeat service. We handle returns for bats purchased through our official resellers, factory outlets, or website. All Cricstudioinc bats come with a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects that aren’t caused by user error.

Warranty Exclusions

Our warranty does not cover:

  • Yorker Damage: Damage to the toe from Yorkers.
  • Preparation Issues: Damage from insufficient knocking-in, improper playing-in, machine knocking-in, or inaccurate play.
  • External Preparation: Damage from bats prepared by machines outside of the Cricstudioinc workshop.
  • Maintenance Problems: Damage due to poor maintenance (e.g., lack of toe guard, over/under oiling).
  • Weather Conditions: Damage from moisture or heat (e.g., leaving the bat in a car or direct sunlight).
  • Non-Leather Balls: Damage from non-leather or composite balls, including those from bowling machines.
  • Improper Use: Damage from using the bat to hit non-cricket objects, like stumps.

Following these guidelines helps ensure your warranty remains valid. For warranty claims, please provide proof of purchase (receipt or bank statement).

For more details or assistance, feel free to contact us.