Cricket Bat Size Guide

Wondering which size to buy? Let's walk you through the various sizes and differences to help you find the right fit.


Choose the Right Cricket Bat Size

Cricket bats come in various sizes, each suited to different age groups, heights and playing preferences. This article provides an overview of the standard cricket bat sizes.

Importance of Choosing the Right Bat Size

Choosing the right cricket bat is crucial and depends on the player’s age, height, and physical strength to optimize performance. Consider bat weight, balance, and shape to match your playing style and preferences.

Importance of Choosing the Right Bat Size

Bat SizeLength of Bat (inches)Length of Bat (cm)Player Height (cm)Approximate Age
Size 024-2761-68.5Below 1223-4 years
Size 127-2868.5-71122-1294-5 years
Size 229-30 73.5-76130-1366-7 years
Size 330-31 76-78.5137-1448-9 years
Size 431-32 78.5-81 145-151 9-10 years
Size 5 32-33 81-84152-15910-11 years
Size 6 33-3484-86.5160-16411-12 years
Harrow 32-3381-84165-16912-14 years
Short Handle 32-33.581-85170-18215+ years
Long Handle 33.5-34.585-87.5183+15+ years

Adult Cricket Bats

Adult cricket bats generally come in two main sizes: short handle and long handle.Short handle cricket bats are the standard size used by adult players. They typically have a blade length of around 32 to 33.5 inches (approximately 81 to 85 centimetres). The handle length is standard and shorter compared to long handle bats. These bats are suitable for most adult players and are widely used in professional and recreational cricket leagues worldwide.Long handle cricket bats are similar to short handle bats but have a slightly longer handle. The blade length remains similar, but the handle is typically longer, providing additional reach and leverage. Long handle bats are preferred by taller players or those who feel more comfortable with a longer handle grip. The length of long handle bats usually ranges from around 33.5 to 34.5 inches (approximately 85 to 87.5 centimetres).These sizes cater to the diverse needs and preferences of adult players, ensuring they can find a bat that suits their physique, playing style, and comfort. Additionally, adult cricket bats are available in various weights, shapes, and designs to accommodate different playing preferences and conditions.

Kids Cricket Bats

Kids' cricket bat sizes cater to various age groups and skill levels. Sizes range from 0 to Harrow, and these sizes ensure young players have bats appropriate for their age and size, aiding in their comfort, development, and enjoyment of the game.