About Us

Embarking from a modest 16*14 sq ft space in Ahmedabad, Cricstudio's evolution has been nothing short of extraordinary. Sprouting from the passion of cricket-playing founders, our growth has spanned globally to encompass 13 stores spread across an impressive 50,000 sq ft expanse.

At our core, we live and breathe cricket, driven by the fervor to empower every aspiring cricketer along their unique journey. With a commitment to providing tailor-made solutions, we proudly showcase a vast array of cricket equipment, quite possibly the most extensive collection under a single roof. As we stand here today, yearning for your unwavering support, we pledge to go above and beyond to serve you with the utmost dedication and excellence.

We invite you to be a part of our story, a narrative where every cricket enthusiast finds belonging, inspiration, and the tools needed to transform dreams into realities on the cricket field. Join hands with Cricstudio, and together, let's script triumphs, resilience, and countless memorable victories.

in our Short Journey, we have come a long way, below is the snapshot for the same.

From this in 2021

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TO THIS (Today)

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